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Ladies of Camelot

Who'd want to marry Arthur?

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Who'd want to marry Arthur?
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This is a community to celebrate, discuss and generally love on the female characters in the BBC's Merlin and their relationships with each other; particularly Gwen and Morgana - but also any other woman who appears on the show, from Nimueh to Hunith. It is a place to discuss their relationships, be they slashy or het, their character development on the show, and also anything related to Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath or any other female actor who appears on the show on a regular basis.


1. Graphics, vids, fic, squee, picspams etc all welcome. Just keep it on topic - anyone posting on something not related to the women on Merlin, will be asked to delete their post and anyone who does it more than twice will be banned.

2. As far as fic goes, this is primarily a place for fics focusing on the women in the show, particularly Morgana and Gwen, and their relationships with each other. Femmeslash, gen and het are equally welcome. However, the predominant focus of the fic MUST be on at least one of the women featured in the show.

3. Please warn about adult ratings and anything else not work-safe (rape, BDSM, etc); also, please post any fic or artwork higher than an 'R' rating to your OWN journal and link to it in a post here, (with appropriate warnings), since I haven't blocked this journal to younger members. It's up to you whether or not you lock your post to those under the age of eighteen.

3. RPS or RPF is also perfectly acceptable, so long as the focus is on Katie, Angel or any other female actor who appears on the show.

4. Graphics bigger than 500x500 pixels should be placed under a cut.

5. Embedded videos should also be placed under a cut.

6. Spoilers for any episode less than a week old in the UK should be placed under a cut - after that, it's fair game.

7. Trolls will be fed to Nimueh's pet Avank.

8. No introductory posts please (if it's your first post feel free to say so, but make sure you have something else Gwen and/or Morgana related to add - picspam, icons, fic, vids, whatever).

9. Tag your posts. There is a list of tags in the sidebar of the community - look and find one applicable. If there doesn't seem to be one, make up something appropriate (for instance - at the time of writing, there is no 'Angel Coulby' tag, because no one has yet made a post purely about Angel Coulby. If you DO make such a post, just tag it 'Angel Coulby'), and leave a note stating that you have done as such so I can make sure you haven't made up something completely bizar.

10. If you want to start a fic challenge through the comm, please drop me a PM before hand, firstly to make sure that no one else is planning something similar in the near future and secondly so that I can be sure that what you plan to do is appropriate. Feel free, however, to advertise challenges, kink memes, thing-a-thons etc being held elsewhere here, if the subject matter is relevant.



If you want to affiliate with us, send a PM to your friendly mod, gnimaerd.